Greater Limits for the Perfect Cloud Works

The Cloud solution of System Solutions allows our customers to outsource all or part of their IT infrastructure.Thanks to its status as the primary operator of the financial sector, the services offered by System Solutions comply with the technical, legal and financial requirements of the Luxembourg supervisory authorities. The use for the care management software comes perfect there.

For the Organizations

Organizations can quickly scale their IT resources on demand by accessing their “private clouds” with distributed, scalable processing, storage, and network capabilities. They thus benefit from a variable processing capacity adapted to their activity volumes.

The client company only pays for the used system resources. It does not have to manage expensive storage resources, nor to monitor multiple servers and networks on a daily basis. In addition, it benefits from a real Quality of Service and recovery in the event of a technical problem.

System Solutions evaluates, designs, and implements cloud solutions tailored to its customers’ businesses to:

  • Take into account the inherent risks of the related businesses in terms of valuation, transfer or liability.
  • Develop the strategy to find the best way to migrate to the cloud.
  • Help projects to organize, plan and set up.

System Solutions designs the technical platformwhether hardware or softwarethat is best suited to the customer’s needs.System Solutions offers a full range of servicesfrom the Data Center Layer to the Application Infrastructure Layer.

Standard infrastructure applications, such as email, file, SharePoint, and database management services are supported. There are child care provider apps for the smart details.

The Essential Choices

In addition to the sizing of the reception infrastructure, the adapted services include support by local teams (telephone, email, fax or internet portal) based in Capellen, and service levels (SLAs) that can incorporate a 24×7 monitoring system. 

The customer’s environment

The hosting infrastructure of System Solutions is based on three data centers in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg with the highest certifications in this area (Tier3 + and 4).

This infrastructure, fully managed by System Solutions, relieves corporate customers of the issues of maintenance, backup and update of hosted applications. The use for the preschool daily reports come essential now.

Regularly audited organizational technologies and procedures guarantee a high level of availability and security:

  • User Authentication
  • Confidentiality of data stored and in transit on the network
  • Controlled availability via “Monitoring” tools
  • Traceability including the archiving of emails exchanged internally and with clients for purposes of investigation and justification of operations.

Regularly analyzed and monitored quality indicators monitor storage and processing space, administration services and incident response time based on pre-established SLAs.

System Solutions’ cloud offering enables financial service providers to control their risks by securing their business continuity and strategic data protection goals.

Confidentiality of the Data:

The System Solutions hosting infrastructure is regularly audited to verify the respect of the prerogatives of the professionals of the financial sector (PSF). We manage all aspects of storage securityfrom planning to implementationto reduce the risk of data loss or data breach. In addition, we apply the access restrictions to sensitive data recommended by Luxembourg regulatory authorities in our two local data centers. All System Solutions personnel (engineers, consultants, specialists, secretaries) receive confidential data handling training each year.

  • Service Management: Availability, Capacity, Continuity and Related Service Agreements
  • Change management (creation and removal of infrastructure components in accordance with standardized methods, procedures and processes)
  • Information Security Management

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