Gymnastic fundraising:

For those of you who practice gymnastics, or have children that do, you know how expensive it gets for the gym, coaching fees, travel expenses, costumes and more. To reduce costs, many recreational or competitive gym clubs start fundraising. Here are a few things to remember to make your fundraising campaign a success.

  • Start a Fund Scrip campaign
  • Motivate your supporters
  • Organize fundraising events
  • Give the donations to the people who worked for it

Need to host a fundraiser to get money for your next competition, team uniforms, event, new equipment, facility upgrades, etc.?

Not worry anymore this article is all about ideas for making your fundraising a success. The following are the great ideas which are surely going to work and will leave you full of surprises.

  • Hair accessories.For girl intensive athletic programs, selling hair accessories like bows, hair ties, and headbands can be a big hit!
  • Holiday items. Schools send home fundraising catalogs with handy kitchen and garage gadgets, wrapping paper, baked good mixes, and more. There’s no reason why you can’t too!
  • Sell custom shirts or pajama pants! Loungewear is always in style. Order some basic tees and PJ bottoms to sell at a marked up price for your cause.
  • Exercise for donations! Have your fundraisers perform 10 jumping jacks, walk a mile, or perform some other kind of exercise for every dollar raised!
  • Social fundraising.We’ve all seen the ALS ice bucket challenge videos. Make your fundraiser go viral with a similar technique! Just make sure the challenge is safe for participants.
  • Hold a gymnastics camp. There are lots of younger kids that would love to join a gymnastics program. Whether you have a school team, an independent gym or YMCA gymnastics program, this is a great way to raise money for your program. You can have the older gymnasts teach the younger students. Create a simple program that teaches them how to tumble, do somersaults, and anything else that you think might be fun. You can charge for a 1-day camp or a 3-day camp. You can also sell refreshments to make more money for your gymnastics program.
  • Hold a Disco night campaign for your gymnastics team. Many of the students in your gymnastics class have parents that grew up in the 1970s disco era.  Others WISHED they did. So you have the opportunity to help them relive the days of Donna Summer & the Bee Gees. You can charge an entry fee for each ticket to dance the night away.
  • Scratch card donations. Leave the donation amount up to chance! Each person who is donating gets a scratch card with a predetermined number of dots ranging in value (for example, from Free-$2.50). The recipient of the card scratches as many dots as he/she desires on the card and matches the total in donations. In return, he/she keeps the scratch card with exclusive coupons on the back! (This one is a little different from your average fundraiser, CHECK IT OUT!)
  • Not a big fan of the scratch card idea? Well, you can skip the scratch card and sell sheets of coupons/discounts/promotions for local businesses (just not your competition, we wouldn’t want to send mixed messages)!
  • Hold a resale event.  Almost everyone has something they are trying to get rid of. But not everybody can hold a yard sale. Encourage people to donate new or gently used items, slap a price tag on them, and charge a one dollar entry fee to browse.
  • Auction off a slew of donated items that might appeal to your audience and use the funds to help pay your way! (Hint: Themed auctions can be tons of fun!)
  • Host a social event!Host a special event with a cover charge to raise awareness, show off your skills, and raise money! Example events are game nights, competitions, ice cream socials, car washes, carnival games, etc.

Numerous websites work to help you fundraise online and make your work easier. Following is the list of few useful websites:

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