Tips to Write an Amazing Resume for Business School

Some MBP program applicants plan to submit a standard resume with their application in Round I of the process. If someone is planning to do this, they are missing out on a valuable opportunity to sell their candidacy to the schools admissions committee. Similar to a traditional CV, the entire purpose of a resume for business school is to ensure a great first impression is made.

The resume submitted should also convince the reviewer to take another look at the candidate. While this is true, the person who is reading an MBA resume is completely different than the person who is hiring for an engineering position or banking job. More about his can be found over on Facebook.

It is a good idea for an individual to rework their resume, so it serves as a narrative about the individual’s career and their outside interests. It should not be a dry list of achievements and responsibilities. Instead, it should be mainly focused on a person’s MBA traits and skills, including international work experience, teamwork, and leadership.

At some schools, the admissions officers consider the resume just as important as the MBA essays. The additional work a person puts into their resume for business school may make a huge difference in their ability to be accepted. Keep reading for some tips to create the perfect resume for business school.

Show Career Progression

It is important to illustrate career progression by focusing on promotions or by showing the admissions officers how a person continued to cultivate their skills after moving to a new job or position. For example, if the individual has worked in the same company for seven years but received three promotions, they need to highlight the four different job titles, different employment dates, and detailed descriptions. The descriptions should highlight the growing responsibilities a person was given.

An applicant who has been in the workforce for a few years, potentially at different companies, needs to be selective when detailing their professional progress. Take some time to consider which positions are most suitable to the needs of the resume and the end goal, which is getting into the MBA program.

Show Off Examples of Leadership

While a person will be able to improve their management abilities during their MBA program coursework, the admissions committee wants to know that they already have a good foundation of strong leadership skills. Make sure to show how people became united behind the applicant to achieve a common goal or how the application challenged the status quo, installed a vision, identified a new issue, or put a priority on the organizations needs over their own, personal needs.

Getting the MBA Resume Right

The MBA resume offers the potential to help someone get accepted into the program they want to attend. However, it is important to make the most of this part of the application to achieve the desired results. Being informed and knowing what to do and consider will give any applicant the best chance of being accepted.

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