Choosing the right school for your child is one of the biggest decisions any parent can make. The school plays an inherently important role in shaping the child’s future and equipping them with the necessary skills and tools. Among the many options available, boarding schools are an excellent choice for parents who want their children to focus on academic and personal growth. When it comes to quality education, The Oxford Academy stands out above the rest! Here is everything you need to know about the Oxford Academy Edge.

The Oxford Academy Difference

The Oxford Academy is a boarding school that prides itself on providing excellent education and personal growth to all students. The Academy manages a small-sized community of students, enabling each to receive personalized attention from educators who prioritize academic and personal growth. The school’s academic program comprises of a range of international curricula designed to challenge and develop students. The most renowned curricula undertaken by Oxford Academy includes the International Baccalaureate (IB) and the Advanced Placement (AP), which aim to prepare students for higher education.

Extensive Extracurricular Activities

At Oxford Academy, learning does not only take place in a classroom setting. Rather, the school promotes an all-around growth environment that focuses on developing interpersonal, social and leadership skills. This is achieved through an extensive range of extracurricular activities. These activities include sports, music, art, and community service projects. The school provides an enabling environment where students can explore their interests and passions as well as engage in activities that promote teamwork and collaboration.

Holistic Student Support Program

At Oxford Academy, students are treated as distinct individuals with unique learning needs. The school offers holistic support programs that cater to students of different abilities and challenges. Through the student support program, the school provides academic and pastoral care to students. To guarantee success, the program focuses on identifying and addressing the underlying issues that may hinder academic and personal growth. The program provides a variety of services, including academic support, counseling, and mental health services.

The Oxford Academy Community

The Oxford Academy community is one of a kind. The Academy fosters a close-knit community where students are expected to be kind, respectful, and supportive of one another. The school’s cultural diversity enables students to embrace different perspectives and learn from one another. Under this environment, the students are encouraged to become global citizens by providing opportunities for cultural exchange. The Oxford Academy prepares students for life beyond boarding school, graduates often venturing to universities across the world.

Safety and Security

There is nothing more important than ensuring your child’s safety and security while away from home. At Oxford Academy, safety and security are top priorities. The school operates an advanced security system to ensure that the school campus is secure at all times. The school also ensures that a staff member accompanies students during off-campus activities. The school’s location provides both a serene and scenic environment that supports its students’ academic and personal growth.


Choosing the right boarding school for your child is an essential step in their academic and personal growth. By choosing The Oxford Academy, you will enable your child to receive an all-rounded education that guarantees personal and academic growth. With an outstanding range of international curricula, extracurricular activities, holistic student support, a close-knit community, and a safe environment, The Oxford Academy is the perfect boarding school that will ensure your child is set for a successful life beyond school. Give your child the Oxford Academy edge, and you will never look back!

By Emma

Emma Lewis: As a special education teacher, Emma shares her experiences, strategies for inclusive learning, and advice for supporting students with special needs.