5 Benefits Of Studying Law: Career Opportunities After Getting An LLB 

Practicing law is one of the oldest as well as one of the most respected positions in the world. You’ll find that many notable world leaders, like, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama, to name a few, practiced law at one point in their life. In India nowadays, you can appear in the CLAT exam after completing your 12th standard after which you’re likely to get a LLB admission. 

Apart from being a highly coveted profession, a lawyer is widely respected and has a number of career options at their disposal. A number of people study law or become lawyers, just to be able to uphold the law. This is a very respectable cause and more and more people should take it up for this reason.

Opportunities after studying law

But in fact, studying law can become useful in a number of ways. We need to obey laws in everything we do. There are laws that guide our civil life. Law even deals with a number of issues that occur at organizational levels as well. Laws even guide how nations are to interact with one another and how they’d act under certain circumstances. 

So, it can very easily be understood that there’s not even a single facet of life that can ignore law in its entirety, and as such, the scope of law is vast. It is not only relevant in the courtroom, but also it is relevant in all other professions from every walk of life. Thus, you can very easily understand that graduates of law can find employment in a number of professions, spread across various fields. 

Studying law comes with a number of benefits, they are discussed below:

  1. Multidisciplinary approach– Law can be studied in conjunction with a number of academic disciplines. They include the discipline of accounting, business studies, etc, to name a few. 
  2. Career options– As mentioned earlier, law, as an academic discipline is relevant for a number of fields. You can find employment in any of prominent media houses if you want. You can also choose to study further and maybe even become a teacher. The field of business also requires lawyers in various posts. You can even choose to do social work. A number of prominent world leaders or statesmen studied law when they were students. So, if you dream about a better world or a better tomorrow, you can choose to enter the world of politics.
  3. Financially rewarding– Even though, you may not be making a lot of money just when you’re starting out but nevertheless, it is indeed very financially rewarding. When it comes to job security it can very easily be said that there are very few professions out there, if any, who provide as much job security as the law profession does. Initially, when you’re starting out, you’ll find that you’re paid a lot more than people in other professions. How much money you’ll be able to make later on when you progress further, would completely depend on you.
  4. Critical thinking– The quality that we need to thrive in today’s world is the quality of critical thinking. Law sharpens your reasoning abilities. It also forces you to think critically. You’ll have to consider all sides of a story and try to come to a solution based on your critical thinking abilities,
  5. Making a difference– If you dream about a better tomorrow and you want to improve the conditions around you then studying law is perhaps one of the best ways of doing that.

These are a few advantages of studying law. In order to get into this profession, you’ll need to qualify in the CLAT exam which you’ll be able to appear in after you finish your high school. Getting a LLB admission is a straightforward process from there.

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