Tableau Career Trends Around The World in 2020

The Tableau software is used to import data of all sizes and managing metadata. This software is also used to translate queries into visuals and is mostly preferred in the Business Intelligence industry to create dashboards that help in driving the business forward. Tableau software is used to extract data from any source and has the ability to pull data quickly. Its easy-to-use feature makes it possible for non-technical users to use this software with ease. It has great features like data blending and real-time analysis, which leverages visual analytics and makes it an effective tool for creating interactive data. The best part of Tableau is that it is user- friendly in nature with cross-database joint functionality. The other advantage you can get by using Tableau is that you can create your own dashboards and upload them to the Tableau public community.  You will also get lots of job opportunities after you learn this software. Some of the career trends are given below. Apply for tableau online training in hyderabad to learn more.

  • Tableau consultant

As a Tableau consultant, you will have to create Tableau dashboards, work with developers and create business intelligent reports. You will also need to create technical solutions and bring out innovative solutions for fulfilling business needs. Tableau developers also create data storage tools for maintaining analytics platforms so that the organization’s data can be effectively stored for later use.  As Tableau developers are in increasing demand, you need to make sure you have efficient software skills as well as other analytical and problem-solving skills so that you can fulfil your client’s requirements and tackle with any problems that come your way.

  • Tableau Product manager

Many software companies are in need of well-skilled product managers, so if you have enough skills to work with this software, you can think of a career as a Tableau product manager. As a product manager you will be expected to facilitate communication to the internal and external parties and make sure your software meets the requirements of your clients. You have to work in close connection with the marketing team and accurately present the software features to the potential consumers. Often Tableau product managers help to optimize the development process in order to come up with a business plan in order to commercialize their software programs.  You will also be responsible for developing pricing strategies and oversee the product development so that you can monitor if any new products and services come up in the market.

  • Business Intelligence Developer

When you work as a Business Intelligence Developer, you will be responsible for designing an enterprise for an intelligent business solution. You will also be responsible for developing and implementing various solutions using data visualization techniques. Various decision- making and performance management will also be your added responsibilities. By using Tableau software, you will also have to translate information dashboards and visualization. You will also have to consult with other business users and work with the maintenance of many organizational projects for bringing out effective solutions.

  • Data Analyst

After you complete learning Tableau, you can also work as a Data Analyst where your main role will be to plan, implement and administer databases. You will also be responsible for designing interactive visualizations and implementing those visualizations in created content through Tableau software.  You will also be expected to coordinate new data development and provide guidance to other analysts. You will also need to analyze data flow and reporting capabilities. Other assignments may also include designing database structures and maintain current knowledge of the latest technologies as required by your project. As a Data Analyst, you should also be able to work collaboratively and manage various activities to complete your required assignment. If you are passionate about this subject than you should admit at tableau training in bangalore

  • Software Engineer

As a Tableau software engineer, you are expected to have good knowledge of Hadoop system and should be able to create interactive and powerful dashboards. Other responsibilities include providing technical leadership so that you can maintain and handle data science projects. You will also be expected to lead code designs and build up and share best practices for deploying the Tableau software.  You will have to partner other engineers and data scientists to develop innovative solutions that will influence your products and services. You also need collaborative working skills so that you can work as a team for bringing out innovative solutions. And you also need to work with close association with IT managers and other experts so that you can deliver effective services to your clients.

As Tableau is considered one of the fastest-growing data visualization tools and is also an easily understandable coding language, it is gaining popularity in many sectors of the industry.  If you are interested in learning this growing software, you can enrol into institutes like PST Analytics. For more information you can visit

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