Are you one of those students who dream to get into Ivy League schools? Well, you can cross your fingers, take a few steps forward to apply for the admissions, and receive your Ivy League acceptance. As long as you comply with all the criteria to get accepted into Ivy League, you can be part of the elite colleges and universities in the world.

Most students, whether local or international, have dreams to be part of the world’s nominated colleges and universities. And like them, you manage your way out to work hard and exert your effort to submit your Ivy League applications. You want to be part of the exclusive and top-performing colleges and universities in the world. As a consequence, you have to spend your days preparing for your future by securing your spot in one of these Ivy League schools:

  • Brown University
  • Columbia University
  • Cornell University
  • Dartmouth College
  • Harvard University
  • Princeton University
  • The University of Pennsylvania
  • Yale University

Perhaps, you are wondering right now why Ivy League schools do establish high standards for local and international students to register. For some students, getting into Ivy League schools happens once in a blue moon. As the assertion goes, you always get a slim chance to get Ivy League acceptance. Believe it or not, you can jump with joy when you get accepted into Ivy League. The efforts that you do to spend your days and nights cramming your lessons may not even get you into Brown University, Columbia University, and many outstanding schools in the world. In other words, you must do something to work out to succeed. Nevertheless, when you get into Ivy League, you can simply say that you succeed to conquer the world.

At this point, you may be thinking of how to get into Ivy League. This time you know what to do. With the given rubrics regarding the needed qualifications and skills, you can provide what Ivy League schools want. As the admission process is green to go, you have to submit the requirements and pass the tests. All you have to do is exert your effort, extend your patience, and stretch your time to sense your perfect timing to apply for Ivy League.

Of course, getting into Ivy League is difficult to grasp. However, you all have your resources with you. Besides that, you have determination, motivation, and transferrable skills. You must pay extra care at your steps because you only have one best shot to pass your Ivy League application. Once you qualify, you can triumph over those challenges and reach the impossible dream. With that in mind, it does make sense to consider that you manage to beat the acceptance rate in Ivy League admissions.

By Emma

Emma Lewis: As a special education teacher, Emma shares her experiences, strategies for inclusive learning, and advice for supporting students with special needs.