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Technology nowadays has reached a point where regular individuals can buy an entry-level laser cutter for quite an affordable price. If you’re an individual or business and want to take it to another next level, there are options to upgrade. However, if you are very new to the idea of laser cutting and engraving you might not be aware of what to look for. We have catalogue of the best home laser cutter machine and engraving machines on the market currently, for all possible price ranges. So whether you like to spend a few hundred bucks or several thousand, we’re here for you.

For most suppliers, buying an industrial laser cutting machine is a major investment. It’s not just the initial investment that matters, but also the fact that the purchase will have a huge impact on your entire manufacturing process. And if the wrong equipment is chosen, you will regret that decision for quite a long time. Meanwhile, it not unusual to see manufacturers keeping a laser cutter for 7-10 years. This guide will help you in making an ideal purchase. For multiple reasons, investing in a different cutting system may make more difference for a company’s various activities. As an individual, you must have a reliable source to purchase a laser cutting machine. A high-definition plasma system is quite convenient for thick materials and for applications in which the edge quality isn’t important. An abrasive waterjet also is great for thick substances and for applications in which the metal cannot have a heat-affected zone, which could be a problem with certain thermal cutting methods. Both plasma as well as the waterjet cutting systems costs way lesser than the home laser cutter machine but doesn’t match the laser’s cutting speed. Also, today’s technology will not require as much maintenance, but time to time when a machine goes down, you will want it back up and running as quickly as possible. 

A company that doesn’t have a laser cutter machine usually subcontracts the work to one or several job shops with that capability. But there will come a time when you have to ask yourself if it is time to have your laser cutting machine in-house. How will you know if it is the right time to own a laser? Try to look at how much you are spending monthly or yearly for laser-cut requirements. In the own words of Henry Ford, “If you need a machine and don’t buy it, then you will ultimately find that you have paid for it and don’t have it.”

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