Benefits of SAT essay which you should consider

In SAT Prep, many students skip it altogether. It is now optional for students to take. However, there are many solid states SAT essay benefits to consider before choosing to skip it. 

Let us discuss about the benefits of SAT essay in SAT prep:-

  • You are covered for every school: taking the SAT essay means that you will have met their SAT requirements. If you apply to schools which need the essay is completed then you have covered. If you are applying to schools which don’t need the essay then you don’t need to worry. It will show your initiative. So, if you are putting together your list of dream schools then doing the SAT essay provides you insurance which bring peace of mind.
  • Good score will help increase your application: doing the SAT essay will differentiate you from the crowd. In case you are applying to a competitive school which doesn’t need essay then doing it and submitting that score can beneficial to your application. The admissions committee will view that you took the initiative and didn’t skip that section. If you are looking to showcase strong English or writing skills then the essay presents that chance. 


  • Prepares you for college level writing: you will get ready for college work with the essay. SAT essay is the best practice for college level writing. So, if do lot of practice then you will do a ton of writing in college. If your grammar is not so good and spellings are poorly graded then use the essay section to practice skills. 
  • Easy format: SAT essay is simple and easy to understand. You are given with a short passage which has the following characteristics:-
  • It gives an augment
  • Supports said argument with evidence and logic
  • Written for a broad audience

     You all need to do is to identify the argument itself and discuss what devices the author uses to present his or her point to said audience. 

  • It doesn’t take much time: SAT essay doesn’t need more time to emphasize but it gives you more point to qualify. 

These are the main benefits of SAT essay in SAT prep which you don’t skip. SAT essay doesn’t take much time to do but it gives you more points and shows that you take initiatives.

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