Why Should You Enroll for SAS Certification in 2019?

What if you had the power to ‘Know,’ not just the present but most likely future events? If you were running a company, this ‘Power’ would prove to be a tremendous hit for your work. Of course, we are not talking about psychic superpowers here. We are talking about simple mathematics and the magic of Analysis. Statistical Analytical System or SAS is one such tool that gives businesses a leading edge in analytics. We know you have heard the term a lot more times than you might remember. And, you might have also heard your colleagues talking about getting a ‘SAS Certification.’ This post is exactly about that!

We have some good reasons as to why you should enroll for SAS Certification in 2019.

Before we move on to them, let us tell you why SAS is an integrally crucial part of modern day businesses. Realizing its importance will help you make a better decision to enroll into a suitable training, like that provided by PST Analytics.

Let us get rolling!

Why is SAS a Crucial tool for Businesses?

Data is the new ‘oil’ that is powering enterprises of all sizes across the globe. This ‘oil’ is of utmost importance because it provides businesses with valuable insights, identify flaws and corrective measures, and even predicts the most likely trends in the future. SAS does exactly that. For 4 decades, SAS has enabled businesses of all sizes to derive value from their data. Today, it is enabling businesses to ‘make sense’ of their Big Data.

Popular SAS Solutions;

  • SAS Visual Analytics: Interpreting Big Data on a spreadsheet is not just tedious; it also makes the interpretation of the numbers harder. SAS Visual Analytics enables businesses to ‘Visualize’ their data and interact with it to spot patterns, trends and insights. This solution also helps the companies to create a descriptive and predictive model for their industry.
  • SAS Enterprise Miner: This solution allows the Data professionals and Statistics personnel to get predictive modelling techniques. It also sends them regular reports loaded with powerful analytics from the enterprise data.

Reasons for You to Enroll in SAS Certification in 2019

Easy Learning Curve

For beginners, SAS does not come off as a complex intimidating tool that demands extraordinary effort on the learner’s part. In fact, SAS Syntax is relatively easy to learn. It does not require any prior knowledge of programming skills. The coding resembles English language and is in the form of simple instructions to the computer. Moreover, the following pointers make it an easier learning proposition for an individual;

  • Easy to Debug: Unlike traditional programming languages like R, Java, etc., it is easier to find errors in SAS. Since the code is simpler to read, spotting bugs becomes easier as directed by the Log window.
  • Thoroughly Tested Algorithms: You won’t stumble across an erroneous or shaky code in SAS because it is operated ‘end-to-end’ in a closed environment. Before deploying any algorithm, dedicated developers test and analyze them for any potential bug.
  • SAS GUI: This feature comes as a boon to the learners with non-programming background. SAS boasts a fantastic Graphical User Interface (GUI) which contains various tools for statisticians. This includes a highly versatile library of Graphs, plots, etc.
  • Comprehensible Output: The analytics output generated by SAS has evolved a lot over the years. A beginner can easily grasp the output with professional training.

Validation & Credibility for Professionals

SAS Certification provides tremendous value to the learners as it stands out as an Industry Validation of the person’s skills and proficiency. Not only this becomes a badge of your technical skills and competence, but also proves as a sign of your commitment to personal growth to your employer. Also, SAS Certified individuals can become members of the online groups and get listed in the directory of ‘SAS Certified’ Individuals where employers can connect with them easily.

Promising Job Prospects and Tremendous Career Growth

A worldwide study by Payscale.com and MONEY revealed that SAS is the most crucial skill to have in today’s Job market. SAS topped the list of ’21 most valuable job skills’ and its hot demand can be attributed to the rise of Big Data.  If you are a SAS Certified individual in India, then you are eligible for numerous high paying job openings. Moreover, the career growth is promising as the industry is currently facing a shortage of skilled SAS professionals. You can pursue business analytics as a specialty skill and grow professionally with the Right SAS Training.

Perhaps, the best window of opportunity in a technical field that offers rapid job growth, decent pay and honor comes in the form a simple certification. There is no real reason for you to not enroll in SAS training when it is skyrocketing your career into analytics, data science and big data. Good luck!

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