Active Kids vouchers, rebates and grants in 2021

The creative aspects of a person make him special, especially when it is found that he / she is able to express the self in outstanding ways. The NSW Government has a Creative Kids Program that encourages the creative side of children, and is intended to put them on the track of pursuing creative activities such as music, dance, digital design and more. Creative Kids Voucher 2021 is part of this program and offers a rebate on such activities, when opted from activity providers who are registered with the NSW Government. Find out why it is a good idea to go for such a program.

Helps break the monotony 

Only studying in a rote way and going through the motions makes life dull for students, especially those in the 4 ½ – 8 years age group that the Creative Kids Voucher 2021 is offered for. With creative pursuits like digital design, dance, music lessons, coding, drama, speech and creative arts, it can be easier for parents and teachers to break the monotony in the lives of students. It can make life more enjoyable for them. 

Aids in well-rounded personality development

As anyone knows, all work and no play, or all studies and no leisure can make Jack or anyone for that matter – dull and drab. The purpose of the Creative Kids Program and the Creative Kids Voucher 2021 is to ensure that kids get the chance to follow other activities too, which can be a welcome break for them from studies as well as contribute to the development of their overall personality. For instance, creative activities like singing, dancing, painting, drawing and theatrics can make students tap other aspects of their personalities and learn how to speak and present themselves properly, how to perform in a team and so on. This can work well at every stage of their life. 

Aids in time management

As kids have to manage their time and schedule in a proper way to deal with studies as well as creative activities, they become better at time management. Whether in life or in the workplace, time management is a key skill that can always come in handy. The world respects a man or woman who is efficient at managing time. 

Helps overcome fears 

It is a fact that the more the experiences that a person goes through in life, the more confident that he / she becomes. Creative pursuits like designing, drawing and dramatic arts can help children tackle many different aspects, and in many cases they have to deal with others, communicate with them, get their feedbacks, understand positive and negative criticism and have to deal with various kinds of emotions such as joys, sorrows, envy, pride, anger and much more. 

This helps them overcome their own fears, and get the ability to manage themselves as well as others around them. A Creative Kids Voucher 2021 is intended to encourage students in taking up all these other pursuits and be able to put their best foot forward, each and every time. 

By Emma

Emma Lewis: As a special education teacher, Emma shares her experiences, strategies for inclusive learning, and advice for supporting students with special needs.