What Is the Job Outlook for a Sterile Processing Technician?

Do you like the idea of working behind the scenes to help hospitals and health clinics operate as safely and efficiently as possible? If so, a career as a sterile processing technician may fit you like a glove. In the next few minutes, we’re going to come clean about what sterile processing technicians do, their job outlook, and how sterile processing technician schools prepare you for this vital role in healthcare.

What Do Sterile Processing Technicians Do?

As a sterile processing technician, your duties may include:

  • Cleaning and sterilizing surgical tools and other equipment
  • Stocking surgical instruments and supplies
  • Inspecting, operating, and maintaining sterilizing equipment, such as autoclaves
  • Preparing instrument trays for medical procedures
  • Keeping detailed records of sterilization procedures, supplies, and maintenance

Sterile processing technicians go by many other names, too, such as central processing technician, processing and distribution technician, and sterile supply technician. Essentially, their responsibilities are the same, with a few variations, depending on the setting they work in.

What Is the Job Outlook for Sterile Processing Technicians?

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that job growth in this area will be 14% through 2026, which is faster than the rate in many other sectors. As of August 2018, average pay for sterile processing technicians was $32,462. After they’ve gained considerable experience in the field, many sterile processing technicians go on to become sterile processing supervisors, where they can earn as much as $44,000 per year. Some even become sterile processing managers, earning an average salary of $62,000 per year. This career path is less common, but it’s certainly not unheard-of. With large segments of the population reaching their golden years, the demand for health services is growing, so your skills will be in high demand.

Sterile Processing Technician Training Online At Ashworth College

At Ashworth College, we offer a flexible, affordable, online sterile processing technician course that allows you to fast-track your career-preparation. Depending on your pace, you may be able to complete the program in just four months. When you enroll with us, you’ll have access to plenty of resources, such as a student portal, library services, academic support, and a mobile app to take your classwork on the go. Our program prepares you for professional certification so employers will know you are qualified.

If you’re ready to begin a rewarding career in an in-demand field, contact us to learn more or enroll now.

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