Unlocking Careers Through Different Ways of Writing

Many people do not realize this, but writing is actually a very crucial asset in every professional sector. And with the world becoming more digitized by the day, writing skills have started playing a large role in helping everyone communicate effectively with one another. 

According to Raj Sabhlok, President of Zoho Corp, it has been noted that well-written online blogs and profiles are more likely to catch the attention of potential employers. Plus, through social media, it has now become easier than ever to find people with a well-written profile. 

So, if you feel like your profile needs work and do not know where to start, luckily, there are a few professionals in the field who can guide you – prime example being none other than Michael Owhoko. 

As a Nigerian journalist, Michael Owhoko is one of the best media and public relations practitioners you will ever find. He formerly served as the spokesman for Gaslink Nigeria Limited and Communications representative/advisor for Addax Petroleum Nigeria Limited. 

The beginning of his career as a journalist took its roots from a weekly newspaper, “The Metropolitan,” where he was recruited as a Staff Reporter in 1989. After that, he took on many positions throughout his career – an important one being his position as an Energy Editor of the Business Times at the Daily Times of Nigeria. He ran an energy column, writing energy-related editorials and contributing to a number of articles and series, which became a source of research materials for the oil and gas industry. 

His work was also noticed by many people in business. In 2001, he was invited by the Managing Director of Gaslink Nigeria Limited to join their company and take on the position of Head of the Public Relations Department. And for his outstanding contribution to the completion and commissioning of the Ikeja 1B Gas Distribution Project, he was awarded a certificate of merit in 2002. 

In 2008, he was appointed to the National Committee of the Nigeria Oil and Gas Industry Games (NOGIG), where he was elected 2nd Vice-Chairman 2010 to plan, organize, and drive the games with the international, indigenous, and servicing oil companies as participants. 

And these are only just some of the many achievements he has obtained over the years, clearly showing how writing has played a major part in leading him to higher places in his career. Hence, we will be sharing a few factors in writing that make a significant impact in how fast you can progress in your career. 

Attractive Gramma

Let’s start with the most basic one of all – grammar. Spelling, punctuation, and subject-verb agreement all serve an important purpose to help communicate your ideas more effectively. 

This skill can also help elaborate competencies required in your job. When employers look at error-free work, they see it as a sign of the employee’s meticulousness and good attention to detailed work. 

Checking Up On Factual Information 

Libels and plagiarism are major issues in the professional field, and engaging in any of these activities will force you to face charges in court. 

Although, if you make sure to fact-check your work, it offers you the benefit of building up your credibility and providing authentic facts in your work that are relevant to your readers. 

Excessive Editing 

Practice makes perfect – and the same concept applies to your writing. Simply being done with your work is not enough. To hone your skills to the best of your capabilities, you will need to keep checking your work and edit it continuously. 

Not only will this ensure that you do not have to send in work with embarrassing mistakes, but it also helps you to better understand your content, figure out your writing weaknesses and work on improving yourself. 

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