The Importance of Music in a Preschool Programme

There is a wide range of benefits associated with exposing your child to music and teaching them instruments at an early age. It helps them to appreciate the beauty of music and it also has incredible cognitive, emotional and developmental advantages for each child. A study conducted in the US found that kids who were enrolled in music classes from the age of 1 learned to communicate better, smile more and respond better to their parents. Here are some of the amazing benefits of preschool music programmes.

Developing Emotional Understanding

Music is a great tool for helping kids to understand different emotions, it can be used to teach them about anger, sadness and happiness. By combining different emotions with a song, young kids can understand each emotion, allowing them to build a solid foundation at an early age.

Becoming familiar with different emotions helps kids to better deal with them, it also boosts their emotional awareness. Kids who are exposed to singing and dancing at an early age develop stronger social bonds with other children around them. If you are considering enrolling your child in a nursery in Bangkok, ask about their music classes to see what they offer.

Better Motor Skills

The more a child plays with an instrument the better their motor skills become, just like taking part in physical activity that involves jumping and running is great for gross motor development, learning an instrument helps with fine motor skills. Kids learn how to hold drums other accessories when learning to play different instruments, controlling these items requires fine motor skills. As they learn to play, they quickly develop and improve their skills. As they get better, you’ll quickly see the difference in everyday life, like how easily they use chopsticks or a fork.

Exposure to Language

One of the best things about having music in a preschool programme is that it enables kids to develop their language skills at an incredible rate.

Activities like music and dance expose kids to language, and not just in their native tongue. They can learn all kinds of fun songs through a variety of languages. Singing and dancing is a great way to help shy kids join in on the action, they see the fun other kids are having and tend to want to give it a try.

Here are some of the main reasons music and dance is so important in developing pre-schoolers.

  • Music & dance engages the brain by using sounds, words and patterns of music.
  • It helps to improve language and communication skills.
  • Music & dance allows young kids to express themselves.
  • It helps young kids to engage in creative activities, improving their balance, control and coordination.
  • It helps them to learn about new cultures and acceptance.

Music is vitally important in preschool programmes, as highlighted above, it has many benefits. Using music to teach students should be done from an early age, children who partake in music classes improve their communication skills, motor skills and vocabulary. Music and dance aren’t just designed for fun, it is an important tool for learning all kinds of vital life skills.

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