How can a student get a paid internship in Australia

Internships are the best platform to gain working experience and learn new things. Many students even go to different countries for an internship. Many big countries have international companies operating in the main cities. By getting a chance to work as an intern in one such company is like a dream come true. But doing an internship in a foreign country can be quite expensive, especially if the student is doing an unpaid internship. This is why it is a better option to go for paid internships as the student can earn while working for the company as an intern. However, it is not very easy to get a paid internship. Australia is a country which is become a famous destination for international students who want to do an internship.

Why Australia is better for an internship?

Many students fear to come to Australia because they think that they won’t be able to communicate with people. But the best thing about this country is that people do speak English. However, they might have a different accent and use different types of phrases. But that is okay as long as both the parties are able to understand each other. Another reason why Australia is best because the national minimum wage is AUD $18.29 making it the best location for an internship. So the student can easily earn a pretty decent amount of money. If he works very well, then he may even get a full-time job in the company.

How to get a paid internship?

There are many companies in Australia that offer a paid internship program. But that doesn’t mean that the student will apply for all of them. He must have this source and follow some steps to select the best companies where he can learn and gain experience.

  • At first, the student must consult his university for advice. He must seek suggestion as to which companies are good for him and how he can perform well. The university can also provide scholarship for foreign internships. So it is a better option to discuss it with the university. Many universities have a link with many international universities. So they can easily recommend some of the good companies to do an internship in.
  • Before applying anywhere, the student must first decide as to what type of field is he interested in. If he doesn’t choose and apply everywhere, then he will not enjoy himself as he won’t be able to learn anything and may even leave the internship midway. Therefore, it is good to make a list of companies who operate in the field that the student is best at. That way he can easily perform all the tasks and gain a lot of working experience.
  • Timing is also an important factor for a student as he doesn’t want to go for an internship during his final exams. Usually, summer break is the best time to go for the internship as the colleges will be closed and the student will have enough time to complete the internship.

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