Free Online Courses with certifications in 2021

Free Online Courses with certifications in 2021

2020 introduced us to Corona. But along with that, it also introduced us to several alternatives, which were quick and easy.

One of these alternatives was free online education. Today there are many free online courses with certification

The best thing about such courses is that many are free, offer a valid certification, and while most take 6 months to complete, some can be completed in a day.

There are also special online courses for women. These courses are a great option for girls looking to build a career with stay-at-home options. These online courses for women help women stay at home and still gain knowledge that will help them in their job hunt.

We have given 4 top free online courses with certification, which are available today:

  1. English for Career Development

English is the most used language for communication worldwide. It is also the medium for transactions. So, it is necessary to understand and speak English. English speaking in stils confidence & fluency and improves grammar. Moreover, it removes the fear and hesitation of speaking in English. Languages are not only essential for clearing exams but also an important parameter if you want to go abroad for higher education.

  1. Python for beginners

While we have seen advertisements of students coding, while we attempt it, it goes over the head. Coding is simple and fun if learnt the right way. It depends upon the technique. Python is a powerful and high-level programming language. Unlike the coding we see in movies, Python coding is different. For all those aspiring to take coding in future, there is merit in checking these Python courses available online.

  1. Photography

A good photo depends on the camera quality as well as the skills of the person shooting. Understanding the basics of photography gives you the power to set your phone to professional photography quality mode instead of a restricted automatic mode. You can earn a valid certification within a month and start taking assignments for the experience.

  1. Building Basic Working Android App

Gone are the days when you had to learn a variety of languages to create a simple application. Just like ready to eat food, now you can download packages and create basic application basis its appearance and operation. Just create your design and link it to the specific package, and you’re done. Understand the logic simultaneously while creating the app. If you choose to explore the underlying logic, you can enroll for a more intensive course. If not, you still have a working app.

By Emma

Emma Lewis: As a special education teacher, Emma shares her experiences, strategies for inclusive learning, and advice for supporting students with special needs.