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Caring mothers are trying to prepare in advance for the birth of the baby, especially carefully they study the issue of caring for a newborn. Caring for a child under one-year-old requires moms with a particularly high level of consciousness and attention. It’s good if the grandmother of the baby comes to the rescue of a young mom who is just trying on a new and crucial life role, but if parents are left alone with a crumb, then they can’t do without a number of useful tips on the basics of newborn care. The childcare software programs car be useful here.

Baby care up to a year: his first little world

A young mother should be extremely picky about cleanliness. Daddy’s shoulders are cleaned up in the rooms on the eve of your return with the baby. Do not forget that all children’s things before the first socks should be washed and ironed or treated with steam. For your peace of mind and minimum of anxiety, it is better to prepare in advance a kit for discharge from the maternity hospital , and above all a cap, a vest, sliders.

So, how will your baby meet you?

It is necessary to take care of a comfortable environment in the nursery in advance. The walls of the room should be light. Put the crib in a well-lit place, however, so that direct sunlight does not fall on the child. Choosing children’s furniture, as well as the first stroller, pay attention to the models that are adapted to the child as he grows up. Manufacturers of children’s products offer children’s transforming beds significantly simplify the situation in the nursery and its change. Transforming stroller will be a good purchase for a young family with a limited budget. With the parent connection this happens to be the best option now.

In the design of the crib and bedspread, you can use your wedding veil – according to old legends, this is the strongest guardian of the baby, which guarantees him good health and happy peaceful dreams.

  • Daily care for a newborn baby primarily includes washing, washing up, caring for the umbilical wound, changing a diaper or diaper, and bathing. To prepare for all these regular manipulations, refer to the detailed list, what is needed for a newborn : this material contains all the main (mandatory) purchases for a child under one year old.
  • Skin care for a child up to a year, eye care for a newborn, care for a navel of a newborn and genitals, bathing a child for up to a year.

It is necessary to wash the baby every morning before feeding or 20-30 minutes after it. To do this, take cotton pads, moisten them with boiled water or a weak infusion of chamomile. Start by rubbing the eyes: the movement should be from the outer edge to the inner. For each eye, use a separate cotton pad. Then proceed to wipe the face, neck, area behind the ears. Carefully handle all the folds, because if the baby spits up, milk can accumulate in them. There are a lot more childcare software programs to address the issues.

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