11 Issues Tweens Usually Go Through In Middle School

Toddlers and teens are often seen as two of the most difficult moments in both the child’s life and their parents. The teenage years are often seen as the problematic and rebellious years while toddlers are simply hard to control at their age. What about the years in between?

Tweens, typically kids aged 10 – 12 also face a lot of challenges in their day to day life. Here are some private middle schools Los Gatos CA issues they face that parents should be aware of so they can support their kids through it all:

1 – The Awkward Years

The tween years are those where bodies are changing and it feels uncomfortable. Some kids develop fast while others take time which can lead to a lot of awkward moments in school.

2 – Low Self-Esteem

Kids tend to compare themselves with their peers and those that aren’t growing at the same rate as others often feel left behind.

3 – Peer Pressure

As the urge and longing to fit in with a group of people grows stronger many middle school children often fall victim to peer pressure and start bad habits that can lead to more trouble in the near future.

4 – Changing Friends

Tweens will often change friends during middle school as their personalities and interests shift. Some students easily cope with change while others struggle. It is very important to have a strong family unit as a support system through these difficult years of change.

5 – School Pressure

The staff at the private middle schools Los Gatos CA ensure that students do not feel overwhelmed with school requirements, but there are instances where some children will fall behind.

6 – Cliques

Middle school is when cliques start to form and those who feel left out often feel isolated, lonely, and out of place which can become a burden on their emotional stability.

7 – Bullying

Popular kids often single out the outsiders and engage in bullying. A private middle schools Los Gatos LA must pay close attention to these incidents to ensure all students are safe.

8 – Problems With Authority

Signs of rebelling often start during the middle school years and peak during high school. Children who need help or want to be noticed tend to engage in problematic behaviors to get the attention they seek, usually from the adults in their life.

9 – Temptation

Just like peer pressure, the temptation is also very common in middle school. Bad behavior such as smoking, drinking, breaking curfew, and skipping classes become a common issue with tweens.

10 – Rejection And Heartbreak

Crushes become very common, and with that comes heartbreak. It can be a couple of hard years in middle school, but with supportive parents and excellent teachers at school, no tween should ever feel fully rejected by everyone in their life.

11 – Pushing Parents Away

During these sensitive years, tweens want to feel more independent and tend to push away their parents and other family members. It is a difficult time, but parents should always show their love and support, even if the years get rough.

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